A small, independent coffee shop focused on the experience and the culture of coffee. The owner, frequently behind the counter, selected the best equipment, the best coffee roaster, best dairy, local fresh pastries daily and exclusively La Colombe coffee. He simply focuses on quality, customer service, and consistency.

The footprint is intentionally small. A design offering functionality, efficiency and able to create a positive energy and an engaging experience. 

Everything is in sight, so you can see how much we care.

A TRUE loyalty program doesn't just give you a free coffee, they mentor you and help you explore something new every time. They help customers being aware and think about what you are consuming. The owner intentionally selects products that are off the beaten track to bring a more adventurous and rewarding experience.

They hire talented people and support their professional growth. Each new person is sent for Red Eye barista training, then they continue the training in house. Each barista returns for a refresher Red Eye Barista training class every 4 months.

Walk in for a coffee experience or explore their catering service & prices.


I opened RedEye Coffee, in a small space near my home, achieving two main objectives, reinventing myself, and filling the void in my neighborhood. In a small space, but it's artful and 4 people in 5 come back every day

The Founder - Peter Cecere

“As a New Yorker, I prefer quality over quantity. RedEye is a small oasis I wish I could bring it with me in my purse!”

Danah S.

“They just get me, every time. I know more about coffee than I ever did”

John C.